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The Curiosity Approach

Blossom Tree Nursery follow the Curiosity Approach, our practitioners are working towards the accreditation and we have been given the tools and knowledge to enable us to create a culture of curiosity, awe and wonder embedded at the heart of Blossom Tree.

Our desire is to empower and ignite passion and excitement in our Early Childhood Educators.

We follow a mindful approach and move forward from planned activities and routines.  Looking to create experiences that serve the whole child, mind body and soul. Blossom Tree Nursery has moved from traditional educational practice and plastic toys and promote authentic play and creativity. Our little blossoms are free to be curious and explore, to investigate loose parts and open embeded resources and authentic materials.

The Curiosity Approach is an ethos/approach where we focus on and celebrating magical moments in early years, providing passion, and the invitations to learning, which will promote Curiosity, Imagination, and Awe & Wonder for our little blossoms. 

Our wonderful Team Blossom Tree has created beautiful play spaces, which offer endless opportunities to learning and development and 'in the moment planning'. 


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