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Parent & Staff Relationships

Unfortunately we no longer have an open-door policy or able to give new families a full tour of Blossom Tree Nursery due to current government COVID-19 guidelines not allowing us to accept visitors to the Nursery. 

We appreciate it is difficult for you as a parent not being able to have a physical tour of the Nursery, however we are hoping things may change in the coming months.  

We believe that regular and reliable communication between our staff and our parents is key to the blossoming journey of each child in our care.

We promote collaborative partnerships, providing an open and communicative environment, forming strong links between a child’s time with us and their life at home.


Parents are remotely informed of their child’s activities and care throughout the day via the parent communication app Famly. Our practitioners upload observations, sign children in and out of the building, access vital information on each child, log daily activities like meals, sleep times and nappy changes, create accident and incident reports and compile assessments, including the 2 year check. 

Parents can view descriptions, photos and videos of every moment and add comments back for the nursery staff to view and see what their child enjoys most at nursery so they can encourage even further development at home, as well as uploading their own pictures directly from their phone camera to contribute to their child's learning journey and bring alive interests outside nursery.

Parents can also view their contract, policies and procedures and permissions, menus and request extra nursery sessions, check their bills and settle invoices straight from their phone, tablet or computer.

This is unique to our nursery, improving parental engagement and saving time on paperwork to spend more time with the children in our care.

In addition to the app, parents are verbally informed about their child at handover each day and are invited to attend parents evenings and family events. 

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