Are you looking for Quality Holiday Care? 
Children Running


Blossom Tree's Holiday Club offers high quality childcare in a safe, fun and stimulating environment for children aged 4-11 years old. 


A wide variety of activities are offered such as Outdoor Play, Physical Play, Creative and Imaginative and opportunities for Free Play. 
Themed Activities, Arts and Crafts, Creative and Messy play, Cookery, Cosy Book Area, Group and Teamwork, Home Corner/Role Play, Small World, Construction and Computer area. 



      Routine for Holiday Club

7.45am-          Welcome children
8.00-8.30am-  Breakfast /Free activities
9.00am –        Garden time/Park
10.30am-        Snack time
10.45am –      Planned Activities
11.30am-       Quiet time, reading, puzzles.
12.30am-        Lunch
13.00pm-       Planned Activities
14.30pm        Snack
14.45pm        Planned Activities
16:00pm        Outdoor Play/

                      Physical Activities
16.30pm        Tea
17.00pm        Free time
17.45pm        Say Goodbyes

Kids Painting
Kids with Capes
Kids Drawing


Holiday Club runs during the School Holidays Monday- Friday 7.45am-5.30pm

£28.00 per day (You will need to provide a packed lunch, drinks provided ) 

We offer 5% sibling discount and are registered providers of the Welsh Government

Childcare Offer for 3-4 year olds. 30 hours can be used to book three Holiday Club sessions.

We will run the Holiday Club subject to the demand for the service.  ​

Please fill out this Holiday Club 

Once received we will assess our availability

and get back to you. 

Canolfan Beulah Hall and Garden 

Pantbach Road, 
CF14 6AX