Our Blossoms

All of our nursery rooms have been purposely designed to create inviting and child friendly spaces that are set up to promote all areas of learning and give children easy access to resources at their level. We provide a dedicated baby room for babies up to 2 years old, providing the comfort and security to nurture your baby’s development.
We then have dedicated age groups for childcare from  2 years to 6 years, to cater for children’s specific learning needs, as we know how quickly children develop.
Pixie Blossoms (0-18 months or walking)

Our Baby Blossom room is designed to be a ‘home-from-home’ for your baby, with a welcoming, spacious and ‘no outdoor shoe’ rule. The room is open plan, to allow your baby the freedom to explore independently and our wide range of equipment provides us with the flexibility to continue to support your routine at home. As with all of our rooms, an experienced staff team dedicated to this age group work on a close ratio of 1:3, providing loving care and continuity for you and your baby.


Cosy nooks, discovery areas and shelving are all freely accessible, allowing baby to make independent choices. Baskets are filled with a variety of treasures, such as wooden objects and shiny pots and pans. Every basket has been carefully considered to support baby’s natural curiosity.


Baby Blossoms take their naps in a separate, warm and tranquil sleep room. We have a seperate breastfeeding/bottle feeding area for those important 1:1 times.


Babies will have designated garden time where they will have sole use of the outdoor space. We also have double buggies and a kiddies bus available for walks around the Rhiwbina Village and local parks, all year round.


We have a dedicated milk kitchen, Mamia nappies, cotton wool and wipes are provided, giving you the convenience of high quality products.

Little Unicorn Blossoms (18 -30 months)

Little Unicorns has a relaxed environment with low level equipment for all children to access independently. Allowing our babies to transition and become more independent and curious of their surroundings.  Our Little Unicorns room is located in our garden and is divided into many areas, for quiet time, sensory exploration and getting messy. Children are encouraged to explore and lead their own learning.  

We work with a ratio of 1:3

The children are provided with small rest mats when it is their sleep time.


Patio doors open out onto a large canopy provides shelter from the sun and rain allowing for all weather activities outside.


We have a kiddies bus available for walks around the the Rhiwbina Village and local parks, all year round, while the more confident walkers can experiment with their new found baby steps.

Little Unicorns room has its own bathroom with two child sized toilets and sinks with access to a disabled toilet and changing area. 

Rainbow Blossoms (3 years + Pre- School)

The Pre-School room is separated into two rooms, each having their own areas for quiet time, sensory exploration and getting messy, all serving their own purpose and designed to focus on different areas of development.

We have a designated room for our big blossoms going to Nursery School, where we provide wrap around care.  

As with all of our rooms, an experienced staff team dedicated to this age group work on a ratio of 1:8, promoting independence while still providing love, support and continuity for you and your child.   


Children have direct free-flow access to the garden area where the children are able to independently move from the classroom to the outside area which supports their learning.  

Rainbow Pre School rooms has its own bathroom with child sized toilets and sinks, with access to a disabled toilet. 

Outdoor Play Area

The Blossom Tree Nursery garden has a patio area for the active enjoyment of our ride on toys and bikes and artificial grass for year round, all-weather play along with a mud kitchen, vegetable patch and play house. High quality play equipment encourages and supports all levels of physical exploration and development. The garden is surrounded by high walls and secure gates .

We are very lucky with our location and close proximity to local Parks. At Blossom Tree we encourage the children to have great outdoor experiences filled with freedom and adventure. The children also have regular outings and seasonal day trips such as pumpkin picking, fruit picking etc.